Wine should be easy.

Choosing wine should be easy.  We think that choosing wine should be an easy part of everyday life.  So we took a fresh, new approach to the world of wine and based it on personal preference. We’ve locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and London.  Of course, we all love wine!


  • Pam Dillon
  • Andrew Sussman

Chief Science Officer

  • Steve Dillon, Ph.D.


  • Greg Moore, Ph.D.
  • Sheri Morano MW
  • Amy Christine MW
  • Jason Heller MS
  • Sally Mohr MS
  • Michael Reilly
  • Tricia Langton

The Team

  • Richard Bampfield MW
  • Mollie Battenhouse MW
  • Wayne Belding MS
  • Will Costello MS
  • Eric Entrikin MS
  • Mary Margaret McCamic MW
  • Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan MW
  • Laura Williamson MS
  • Chris Baggetta
  • Dan Bibbens
  • Nick Bortolussi
  • Guy Devereux
  • Nick Dumergue
  • Renee Finn
  • Matt Holt
  • Devan Knobloch
  • Minwoo Kwon
  • Solveig Loretz
  • Matthew Matero
  • Ivan Miketic
  • Jon Rietz
  • Ronnie Sussman
  • Sarah Sutel
  • Dimitri Wijesinghe