What lots of people ask us.

Love It, Like It, SoSo and Dislike It™?

You instinctively know something about every wine – whether or not you like it. You don’t need to know anything else about wine to make our technology work for you.  We have seven patents on our groundbreaking approach.

What makes Wine Ring work?

Everything works from your individual ratings. We build a Preference Profile™ for you and update it every time you rate a wine. The more wines you rate, the better your profile will be. Our technology is dynamic, and so as your preferences evolve, Wine Ring evolves with you.

How many ratings does it take for your technology to learn my preferences?

Generally we get a good sense with about a dozen ratings. Our technology works as a person would, so it works better if you give it a range of ratings for a variety of wines. In other words, SoSos and Dislikes are just as important to your Preference Profile as Likes and Loves.

What are Preference Styles™?

Preference Styles summarize what you like and dislike in wine. Your Preference Styles are listed in your Preference Profile. You can use Preference Styles in a wine store or restaurant to describe your preferences.

How do I rate a wine not yet in your database?

Just snap a photo of the label and enter the vintage. Our functionality depends on your ratings, so be assured we’ll add your wine as soon as possible. Your Preference Profile will then automatically update.

What is a Master of Wine? A Master Sommelier?

Both are expert in wine, and study for years to develop their ability to taste.  Our wine experts taste thousands of wines a year so you don’t have to!  You just get recommendations based on your individual preferences.

What is a Fast Track™?

If you want a Preference Profile quickly, then take a Fast Track! A Fast Track is a handful of wines that capture essential aspects of personal preference. Fast Tracks are an easy way to get a jump-start on your Preference Profile. We have Fast Track Tastings for reds, whites and rosés, as well as sparkling and fortified wines.

What should I do if I forgot my password?

When you’re logging in, just click the “Forgot your password?” link at the bottom of the form.

Thoughts on what we’re doing, or technical difficulties? Drop us a note at BatPhone@winering.com or call us on the Bat Phone at 855.573.5573. You’ll connect with a live person! We’d really love to hear from you.