Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Get started by rating wines.  Any wine will do – your go-to wine, the best wine you’ve ever tasted, or the wine you had last night.  Use JumpStart, a fast way to rate popular wines.  The more you rate, the faster we learn your preferences.

How do I rate wines?

Either snap a photo of the label or type in the wine name, and tell us if it’s a Love, Like, SoSo or Dislike.  Or use JumpStart – a preloaded list of popular wines to make rating fast and easy.

Why Love, Like, SoSo and Dislike?

You instinctively know how you feel about a wine, and your ratings are a fast way to give voice to your preferences.  Whether you’re an expert or just beginning your wine journey, it’s all it takes to make Wine Ring work for you.

How many ratings does it take?

Generally about a dozen ratings.  Wine Ring works like a person, so a range of ratings on a variety of wines works best. The more wines you rate, the better your profile will be.  As your preferences evolve, Wine Ring evolves with you.

How do I rate a wine not yet in your database?

Simply take a photo of the label and enter the vintage.  If you can’t find the wine in our database, just click ‘Add It’ and submit it to our wine experts for curation.  We’ll add your wine as soon as possible!

What makes Wine Ring work?

Our Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers taste for hundreds of characteristics each vintage. We use those characteristics and your ratings to make recommendations for you.

What is a Master of Wine? A Master Sommelier?

Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers have earned the highest qualifications in the wine industry.  Both credentials require years of study and a whole lot of blind tasting experience.

People play an important role with your tech?

They sure do. Our Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers taste thousands of wines a year.  Turns out that people and machines work best together in identifying wine preferences.

What are Preference Styles™?

Your preference profile is a summary of what you like and dislike in wine, presented in the context of hundreds of different preference styles.  Use these styles to shorthand your preferences to retailers and sommeliers.

How can I use my Journal?

Your journal of Loves, Likes, SoSos and Dislikes is all at your fingertips.  Filter by grape, region, wine or price.  Add where you tasted the wine, and your own notes.

Does my age affect how I perceive wine?

Yes.  Did you know you’re born with the most taste buds you’ll ever have, and lose them over time?  That’s why toddlers don’t like bitter greens.

Does my gender and where I live affect how I perceive wine?

Yes.  Did you know women tend to have more taste buds than men?  Where you live and what you eat can also affect preferences.

Why does Wine Ring ask for my birth year, gender and postal code?

To give you more insight into your preferences.  Fill these out to broaden the recommendation functionalities we can offer to you.

What should I do if I forget my password?

On the login screen for our mobile applications you can click the Forgot Password link.  We will email you a temporary password to access your account, where you can then select a new password yourself.

What about my privacy?

A word on your privacy, so you know what’s what.  See from our privacy policy that we don’t share your personal information with anyone else.  We use it only to manage your account, including connecting you to your friends and the merchants you choose.

What about preference data?

We share only aggregate data with our merchant partners, in order to help them better understand consumer preference in wine.  We do not share your individual preference data without your express permission.

What happens when I connect my account with your merchant partners?

You can get personalized recommendations from just their inventory.  The merchants do not receive access to your ratings, or other personal information.

Are there people behind your privacy policy?

Yes, there sure are.  If you ever have a question about your privacy, there are real people who will answer it for you.  Simply write to us at [email protected].

If you have any other questions, please email [email protected] and we will get right back to you.