Wine Ring by RingIT

Wine Ring is the leading AI-driven, B2B personalization software for the wine industry, focused on individual consumer preference.

Our software analyzes consumer sales and ratings, and then makes inventory-based recommendations for individual consumers and households. Works in digital and physical settings, front and back of house. So you can market and sell to preference, while optimizing inventory.

Our patented preference engine plugs right into your platform.

All recommendations are based on individual preferences, not crowdsourcing or groupthink. Our preference engine was built by a team that includes PhDs in physiology and applied mathematics, and one of the largest groups of wine masters in the world.

Wine Ring App - Feed Screen

We don't sell wine, that's what you do.

We serve retailers, restaurants, importers, distributors, producers, wine clubs, tasting rooms, trade groups - any company focused on consumer wine preference.

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