Wine Ring by RingIT, Inc.

You’re one of a kind.

Simply taste and rate. Our patented technology does the rest – learning what you like and don’t like, and making recommendations based on your individual preferences. We work with retailers, restaurants and wineries to personalize your experiences.

‘Pick the Perfect Bottle’

A Whole New Kind of Recommender

Simply taste and rate!  Tell us if the wine is a Love, Like, SoSo or Dislike™.  Our expert system – the only patented technology of its kind – learns what you like and don’t like, and evolves as your preferences do.

Rate a Wine

Get started by rating wines.  Any wines will do – your go-to wine, the best wine you’ve ever tasted, or even the wine you had last night.  Use JumpStart™, a fast way to rate popular wines.  The more you rate, the faster we get to know your preferences.

Recommendations for Groups and Gifts

We make recommendations for groups, based on individual preferences.  You can even prioritize people within a group.  We also make recommendations for gifts.  Get started by adding people in Connections.

Will I Like It™

Find out if you’ll like a wine before you buy it – based on your own individual preferences! Once we know a little bit about you, you can then use Wine Ring to find the wines that fit your preferences.


Your journal of Loves, Likes, SoSos and Dislikes is all at your fingertips.  Filter by grape, region, wine or price.  Add where you tasted the wine, and your own notes.

Preference Profile™

Discover the Preference Styles you love, and those you don’t.  See how your preferences evolve by season and over time. Use these styles to shorthand your preferences to retailers and sommeliers.